Our Staff

Larry & CoreyLarry Campbell & Corey Turner

Managing Partner & Chief Operations Officer


Maybank Systems was founded March, 1 2001 by Corey Turner and Larry Campbell. With a desire to offer clients a unique information technology experience, Maybank Systems was created to partner with its client base not only to cope with the everyday technological challenges but to offer expert insight and facilitate each client’s future growth. The two founding members dedicated themselves to forming a system of management and detailed customer service that is often found lacking in the respective industry.

Larry Campbell is a 1993 graduate of North Carolina State University now residing in Charleston, SC. As Maybank Systems’ Managing Partner, Mr. Campbell has taken on the responsibility of cultivating a dynamic and ever-evolving work experience for his employees as well as pursuing complete customer satisfaction for his diverse client base. While his primary focus remains in the Charleston market, his ambition to pursue both regional and international markets has proven successful. Maybank Systems now offers expert technological services to clients in Costa Rica and Panama and continues its commitment to expanding their bilingual staff. Mr. Campbell encourages your direct feedback and can be reached at support@maybanksystems.com

Corey Morgan Turner is responsible for technical oversight and project management at Maybank Systems. Educated at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Wheaton College, Illinois, Mr. Turner has made his home in Charleston for the past decade. He has spearheaded a long list of IT successes in the small business, enterprise, government, nonprofit, and educational sectors, and is pleased to bring that considerable experience to bear on the challenges facing the clients of Maybank Systems. Mr. Turner is also always available directly to each and every client, and can be reached at support@maybanksystems.com.

Maybank Systems was created for and dedicated to the dual purpose of providing expert information technology and exemplary customer satisfaction. As the owners of Maybank Systems, we encourage your feedback and appreciate your interest in our creation.

Maybank Systems is also supported by a team of full time and fully invested engineers. Each member of our team possess a proven skill set with required experience in systems management as well as previously holding positions in such enterprising environments such as International Shipping, South Carolina Research Authority with Government Funded Research, and ASO with State University Systems. Above all, Maybank Systems employs engineers that can maintain the high level of customer service and satisfaction that we pride ourselves on. A full time sales and marketing staff compliment the engineers to best serve you and your company’s needs.